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I thought this was a really good song, but it never saw the outside of the practice shed. This recording is vocal tutorial I prepared to help singers learn the song.


behold, i ride as the vanquishing champion through the hallowed fields of warfare
past grims specters of fallen comrades, a dread fantom cavalry there

victor, i am master of the mordant setting thus, though personnel casualty surrounds my eyes
within the shell of the musty coat of mail, my bones shiver with the echo of their cries

years later having donned the black robes of solitude, a careful meditation upon what's become
necessary ends justifying the means, acceptable losses are the horror of what i've done

i've seen through their eyes the burning inside and breathed their last breaths beneath the blood congestion
travelled through the veil of the afterlife written of... never to be sure until you're finally through the door