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The Crazy Neighbor Page

We had rehearsed at the drummer's house for over a year with no incident. One day the police came in response to a call placed by one of the neighbors. We were worried at the prospect of having no place to rehearse, so Brian (our drummer) went to each house in his neighborhood hoping to find the person who placed the call. His thought was to offer his phone number to call instead of the police and hopefully to set up a practice schedule that was agreeable to both parties.

BIG MISTAKE! The woman had just moved in. We later discovered that she regularly called the police in regard to most of the houses on her street. Sit back and enjoy these priceless words of wisdom and encouragement from Ancestor's biggest fan.




Two Year Old

Rude and Inconsiderate

Baby Boy

Ring The Phone


Terrorist Actions

Go To Hell

Buy The Cow

Free Milk

Cigarette Smoke





Nice Person