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Drummer Brian Foster, guitarist Robert La Rocca and vocalist David Baskett first began playing together in Waste Mgmt, a hardcore metal band located in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1994. In 1996 Waste Mgmt disbanded and Robert moved to Florida with the intention of playing among the much respected metal scene in Tampa. This wouldn't be possible until 1998, when Brian Foster also relocated.

Brian and Rob rehearsed in a storage facility, close to metal giants Morbid Angel. They worked very hard to produce good metal music. Brian suggested the band's name and they started writing songs. They had a lot of fun together. They drank often and well.

In 1999 David Baskett joined the band. This was a tremendous benefit to Ancestor. David was the vocalist who could take Ancestor at least as far as the local stages and maybe more.

Dave, Brian and Rob recorded ten songs in one day at 420 Studios, later mixing the final product at the esteemed Morrisound Studios with Tom Morris engineering.

Larry Langley added his talents as a bassist in the winter of 2000. Langley had been a part of Fictional Tensions, who were a fixture of the Indianapolis underground metal scene at the same time as Waste Mgmt.

Ancestor recorded their second album, Return to Dust at Morrisound Studios. This recording features Brian and Robert on lead vocals. It was a last ditch effort to keep the band together and actually yielded good results.

In time, Denny was available again, and Ancestor recorded a third album beginning in the spring of 2002. This recording was tragically concluded with the suicide of our beloved friend and singer Denny. We will never be able to replace our oldest and dearest friend, our fallen comrade who will always remain in our hearts. Rest in peace, metal brother. Remember, "One day we are rejoined... forever!"